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For many of us, music is a means of prayer, worship, and spiritual encouragement—whether we are singing, playing, or listening.

Music is an integral part of worship at St. Simon’s. Hymns, and service music, and bring together the readings, preaching, and pageantry that form our Sunday liturgies.

The songs we sing together are selected from some of the vast repertoire of Christmas through the centuries: traditional hymns, gospel songs, folk music, music from the Taize and Iona communities, and more.

Everyone at St. Simon's has an avenue for participation in our music program, whether by singing “with gusto” from the pews or sharing gifts as singers and instrumentalists during seasonal anthems.

The spine of a book titled "Christian Worship: A Hymnal"

Please feel free to contact Jenny Gettel if you would like to learn more about St. Simon’s wonderful music, or how you might contribute to the musical life of our parish.

Sarah Gettel and Jenny Gettel sing during a Christmas Eve service
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